Gigi Goodwin

Village Coordinator

I'm a Colorado native that moved to Jacksonville two and a half years ago with my husband, Mark. Before moving here, I enjoyed all types of outdoor activities; camping and hiking the Rocky Mountains, in the summers, snowboarding and sledding during the winters. In the fall, I like to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea and eat my favorite bowl of soup pho. People think that I have been an avid runner for years, but I actually didn't start running until four and a half years ago. When we arrived in Jacksonville, I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure how to meet others. That changed when I met my amazing neighbors, joined a Groovaroo group, and met the wonderful people at F4M. Staying active with a little one was not easy, so I made it a priority. Joining F4M has allowed me to accomplish that goal. In addition, to finding a wonderful village of moms and friends. Outside of being a mother and F4M, I love cooking and crafting. I also like to challenge myself and take on DIY projects.


Cislaim or Gigi