Devin Eller

Certified Body Back Fitness Instructor

I’m Devin, mom to McKayla age 9 and married to my highschool sweetheart Jack for 14 years. I found Fit4Mom thru a Body Back preview class in my neighborhood. Since I had McKayla 9 years ago, I have gone through periods of working out and eating healthy, even training for and running two half-marathons. But I was doing everything on my own with no set plan or program and being a busy working mom, I often put my health and fitness on the back burner. I knew what I needed to do but I easily got stuck in a rut with no direction.

When I attended the Body Back preview class in January 2017, I was greeted by a friendly group of moms. The preview class was intense and I realized just how out of shape I’d let myself become. But the trainers and other moms were so encouraging and inspiring. I left the preview class feeling so energized and I knew I had found something special.

Going through 2 sessions of the 8-week Body Back sessions really transformed my eating habits and the way I prioritize making healthy choices. Body Back reignited my passion for working out and pushing past my limits, I love how strong I’ve become and how much energy I have. And going through the transformation with an amazing group of supportive moms that were right there with me every step (and burpee) along the way made all the difference. I’ve seen how taking care of myself really does affect the rest of my family in such a positive way and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to help other moms reach their health and fitness goals through the Body Back program!!