Meet Our Team


Owner of FIT4MOM St. Johns/North St. Augustine, Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back, Fit4Baby & Run Club Fitness Instructor

Mom to Logan, 6 and Hadley, 3. Karina and her husband Jonathan, a US Navy pilot, have been married for 13 years.

My FIT4MOM story takes place at the heart of where it all began, San Diego, CA. Leaving San Diego in 2013 was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, although we were very much so looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. When I joined Stroller Strides in San Diego, I was 6 weeks post-partum with my son and hardly knew anyone with other children. At the time of enrolling, I didn’t realize what kind of impact meeting a group of moms to workout with would influence my life. We worked out together, shared stories, supported each other and would lean on each other for advice or even just to vent. What made things even better was that we had our children there with us and they always had playmates after each class.

More than anything, we are looking forward to bringing FIT4MOM to our community and hope to not only impact and inspire other moms but also hope to motivate and dedicated our time to helping moms become physically active.



Certified Stroller Strides & Fit4baby Instructor

Hi! I'm Danielle Weaver, and I LOVE the FIT4MOM Village!

I am mother to a precocious little girl named Charlotte and wife to an amazing husband named Paul. After battling postpartum depression, I found this Village when I wanted to find a community of women and friends to share the journey of motherhood with, while at the same time continuing to treat myself to great workouts.

I am a Registered Nurse, so I truly believe that health is an important part of motherhood- physical, emotional, and mental. I wanted to become an instructor to give back to the Village since it has done so much for me. It has been such a joy both participating with and instructing these incredible ladies!

In my "free time" (ha!), I enjoy running, acting in community theater productions, and binge-watching shows with my husband. I'm also a HUGE sports fan- go Gators!


Certified Body Back Fitness Instructor

I’m Devin, mom to McKayla age 9 and married to my highschool sweetheart Jack for 14 years. I found Fit4Mom thru a Body Back preview class in my neighborhood. Since I had McKayla 9 years ago, I have gone through periods of working out and eating healthy, even training for and running two half-marathons. But I was doing everything on my own with no set plan or program and being a busy working mom, I often put my health and fitness on the back burner. I knew what I needed to do but I easily got stuck in a rut with no direction.

When I attended the Body Back preview class in January 2017, I was greeted by a friendly group of moms. The preview class was intense and I realized just how out of shape I’d let myself become. But the trainers and other moms were so encouraging and inspiring. I left the preview class feeling so energized and I knew I had found something special.

Going through 2 sessions of the 8-week Body Back sessions really transformed my eating habits and the way I prioritize making healthy choices. Body Back reignited my passion for working out and...


Our Village Coordinator

Donna is a mother of two little girls, Kayleigh (2 years old) and Chelsea (1 year old) and wife to Peter.

Donna has been attending Stroller Strides classes since her youngest was 6 weeks old.

Wonderful and thoughtful words from Donna: "I want to be more involved in the FIT4MOM community because it's a very happy and positive community. We enjoy singing and seeing all the happy uplifting faces every time while getting a great workout in too!"

"My most memorable mom's night out was The Escape Room. We all worked so well together. My favorite playgroup memory was watching Kayleigh enjoy the parachute for the first time. She had a smile from ear to ear!"

"I am really looking forward to this role as playgroup captain so I can see the kids have fun and interact with each other. The kids are always so good sitting for us so it's nice to see them get all their energy out and let the moms relax and chat after a great workout."


Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre & Fit4Baby Fitness Instructor

My name is Jodie Calain. I have a four year old son, named Jack. I never could have predicted in my wildest dreams that I would ever become a fitness instructor, but here I am. I was never athletic or really very active in my formative years. After the birth of my son at age 36, I find myself miserable, isolated and weighing over 230lbs. I was in desperate need of finding myself again. FIT4MOM helped me overcome some of the last hurdles of my post partum depression by allowing me to be an active participant in an amazing village of women all going through, and overcoming, the same trials of motherhood I was experiencing. And as a side benefit I lost 50+lbs! So, when I moved to Florida in 2016, I immediately looked for my tribe, and found it with the FIT4MOM St. Johns/North St. Augustine, FL ladies. I'm so excited to be a part of this team and having the opportunity to give back by helping other mommas


Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre & Fit4Baby Fitness Instructor

I am excited to be apart the FIT4MOM team! I am a mom to almost 2 year old, Reid, and pregnant with our second, a baby girl! I have been married to my husband Kevin for going on 5 years. He is a Fire Fighter and Paramedic for the county.

I have been working in fitness and wellness since 2005. While studying Health and Exercise Science in college, I started teaching yoga and fell in love with instructing. This has led me to certify in not only yoga but also pilates, barre, cycle and become a certified personal trainer and running coach. I work full time managing a corporate fitness center and have always taught classes on the side.

Since my son was born, I found that it became too hard to continue teaching classes due to my husband's crazy fire/rescue schedule and lack of child care. There was also a level of guilt leaving my child to teach since I already miss time with him while working. FIT4MOM has given me the opportunity to combine my love of teaching and connecting through fitness with spending time with my child and meeting other awesome mamas which can be so...


Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre & Fit4Baby Fitness Instructor

Mom to Jack(9) and Owen (2). My husband Matt's job relocated us to St. Augustine from Arkansas. With two small children and moving to a new community I needed a place to meet people like me. I was introduced to Stroller Strides by my neighbor and Mama friend Michelle. With Stroller Strides I found a group of strong, supportive, and encouraging moms. I have made many new and invaluable friendships that I forever grateful for. FIT4MOM has not only benefitted me but also my family. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been which keeps my energy up! Happy Mommy = happy kiddos. FIT4MOM is for every mom. With FIT4MOM I have found my village. I want to share what I love with all the moms, that is why I choose to instruct.


Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back & Fit4Baby

Mom to Brendan who is 3 years old.

My FIT4MOM story began in 2016 at the grand opening of Stroller Strides at SJGCC. We had moved to St. Augustine several months earlier and we didn't know anyone! I was looking for something where I could meet other moms, have play dates for my son and get back in shape. Stroller Strides was the perfect solution! I went to the grand opening and was welcomed with open arms by Karina and all the other moms attending! I felt like I finally found my people! I joined at the grand opening and the rest is history! Over the last year I have attended Stroller Strides classes 3-4 times a week and have completed 2 Body Back sessions. I have never felt stronger and more confident. FIT4MOM has changed my life (and my family's) which is why I decided to become an instructor. Fitness has played a huge part in the happiness of my family and friendships that I have made that I want to give back and bring this passion to all of you!


Certified Stroller Strides, Run Club & Fit4Baby Fitness Instructor

Tori Nemecek

Mom to Lily, 11, Ava, 9, Emma, 6, and Nora, 2. I was first introduced to FIT4MOM through Stroller Strides in 2016. I saw the words ‘Find Your Village!’ and immediately wanted to be a part of this amazing organization! Our lives as mothers are so physically and emotionally challenging, we need our village to support, encourage, and lift us up. This is exactly what FIT4MOM is all about. Joining this group has given me strength both physically and mentally to be a better mother, woman, and friend. I am so excited to be an instructor and to be able to help other mommas find their village!